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Castel Faglia has always been renowned for it’s philosophy; creating Franciacorta which fully embodies the territory. To Castel Faglia tradition and grapes are the main elements which define the quality of it’s Wines and Sparkling Wines.

The Castel Faglia style is based on a constant research of harmony between intensity and freshness, between personality and pleasantness. With this goal, they put accurate care into every detail : from the wine farming, in full respect of the ecosystem and vineyard, so to preserve the natural aromatic feature of the grapes; from the grape harvest with exclusive hand picking and placing into the crates; from the selection of the best grape bunches; from the soft pressing where only the free run must is used to produce Franciacorta; from the Cuvèe assembly in a perfect balance of complexity, aromatic features, richness, delicacy, strength and consistance in the enologic style of the company.

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Nature Millesimato

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Brut Franciacorta

Brut Franciacorta Castel Faglia Franciacorta Brut is the main Franciacorta of the company, which best expresses the nature and excellence of the Castel Faglia style. A style which enhances the strength of rich and [..] plus info »

Extra Brut Franciacorta

Extra Brut Franciacorta Castel Faglia Franciacorta Extra Brut is the ideal for Franciacorta estimators .It expresses the nature and excellence of the Castel Faglia style. A style which enhances the dry and complex flavour in [..] plus info »

Dosage Zéro Franciacorta

Dosage Zéro Franciacorta Castel faglia Dosage Zéro Franciacorta Dosage Zèro Millesimato is obtained exclusively by the union of the best cuvée produced with Chardonnay (80%) and Pinot Nero (20%) grapes, [..] plus info »

Dosage Zéro Millesimato Franciacorta

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Castel Faglia

The company’s name originates from the castle of the ancient owner Faglia, set on a hill of morainic origin at 300 metres above sea level, with vine-clad terraces. Thanks to it’s perfect exposure to the rocky earth and microclimate, a very unique grape is obtained because produced in an environment with incomparable features. The area is exposed to continental climate, which alternates to a mild mediterranean climate, with the consequence of temperature leaps which frequently cause rough summer hail storms.

The selection of grapes to be used for the production of Franciacorta is of basic importance to Castel Faglia. As a matter of fact Castel Faglia gathers it’s grapes not from huge vineyards, but from small plots of land farmed as precious little gardens, resulting in the developement of grape bunches with different aromatic features. Castel Faglia vineyards, spreading out to about 17 hectares, as a Franciacorta policy, are solely composed of Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco and Pinot Nero vine varieties.

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Castel Faglia is situated in Calino, a suburb of Cazzago San Martino, in the province of Brescia in the center of The Franciacorta.

The estate is of the Cavicchioli Family, wine-grower and producer of prize winning and well-knowned wines since 1928. Surrounded by woods and vineyards, the cellar is built below a hill to reduce environmental and energy impact. The undergroung part where the bottles are preserved for many years of ageing, guarantees best low temeperature conditions during the summer and avoids temperature ranges in any season.

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Castel Faglia

During grape harvest, the grapes undergo a strict selection before being pressed: only the best grape bunches are picked and set in specific crates. In Castel Faglia there are very strict rules applied to the pressing procedure: only the must resulting from the very light and soft pressing is kept to produce Franciacorta. When pressing is finished, the must is separated by each field, and follwing is the alcoholic fermentation in small wooden barrels.

After the first alcoholic fermentation, the young wines are preserved with much care: this is a very delicate and fundamental moment for the future of our new wines, and we put in our best effort to avoid any risk that a year of work may be compromised. In springtime the oenologist tastes and evaluates through his expertise, the cuvée of the whole harvest so to put them together and proceed with the bottling. During this phase, when the wine is still settled, sugars and selected yeasts are added and it is then sealed into the typical champagne bottle. The bottles are followingly stacked up in horizontal position in the cold cellars, this is where the refermentation takes place, meaning where the fermentation produces the natural effervescence.This phase, first of fermentation and following of ageing lasts at least 18 months for Satèn and Rosè and several years for millesimato.

Once this long phase of ripening is finished, a sediment forms inside the bottles, which must be removed in order to enjoy the brilliance Franciacorta wine. Through a procedure of freezing the bottle neck, where you have the concentration of sediment following the remuage process which consists of inclining and rotating the bottles for several days, the bottle is uncorked. The inner pressure “shoots” out the ice formed at the mouth of the bottle together with the sediment.

At this point of the long process in producing Franciacorta, in some cases the bottles are adjusted with an extra dose of sugar, then topped up and permanently plugged with a mushroom cork with wire cage, then packaged. Only this way, after the accurate attention for each Cuvèe, the experience of many tastings and the constancy of letting time do it’s work, with such passion will arise Franciacorta of Castel Faglia with it’s brand Monogram, synonym of quality, sealed in bottles dedicated to the most expert and passionate of Franciacorta wine.


As per all great wines, the tasing of Castel Faglia Franciacorta also requires a specific ritual.

The bottles must be stored in dark environments and low temperatures. Franciacorta must be served chilled at 4/6% and placed in an ice bucket at the table. In order to appreciate it’s scents the ideal glass is the large sparkling wine stem-glass.


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